What do Readers think of Freedom Writing?

"Writing through your thoughts and feeling can bring about a release according to Suzanne Strong, a journalist, writer, and teacher of writing therapy workshops. In Freedom Writing, Suzanne includes methods of writing therapy, benefits, exercises and shares her own experiences as well as some of her workshop attendees.

For survivors of sexual abuse or assault, which suggests a more targeted approach, Suzanne's designed a tailored set of writing exercises. She says writing therapy is not a replacement for, but is a companion to normal counseling or therapy. The author’s voice clearly shines through in her personal story and her encouragement to start the process. The rest is up to you to make the commitment for the time and exercises."

Jane Suen


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Freedom Writing by Suzanne Strong. I experience a fair amount of stress in my life and have done for many years. I am so pleased to have discovered this book and have now began to implement the techniques into my life. I am excited as to how it will help me now and hopefully even more so into the future as I look back on my past and remember certain events that perhaps I don't feel ready to discuss with others but might see it as beneficial to feel like I am sharing these with others. I highly recommend this book for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and any other mental illness as well as for those who are looking for a way to get in touch with their inner thoughts and emotions.

Jade Jones

Thank God for this incredibly caring, knowledgeable and accessible exercise. So simple to do and yet so effective. Don't hesitate to start. I wish I had done it years ago.

Kylie Newland

A wonderful concept of writing to release, this book encourages anyone to put pen to paper, but more so those who have experienced difficult times. Many people don't feel able to talk about their feelings and Suzanne suggests an alternative therapy of writing them down instead. These words need not be seen by others if you choose, but the idea of getting them 'out' there is an emotional release.

A great guide to an alternative way of approaching problems.

Girl with a Book

Written by a professional. Gives guidance in writing about personal painful things. Inspirational.


This is a book that I would share with people that I care about. I highly recommend it!
Every now and then, I feel this compulsion in my heart to share my experiences, from little stories about my favourite books or movies to something a bit deeper like my beliefs and spiritual journey. After spending some time to put my thoughts together about whatever was on my mind and after I had written about it; whether I shared it or not, I felt a release from that heavy feeling in my chest.

Through this book, I realized that it was part of the process of releasing my emotional burden which often held me back from moving on to other important tasks. The author says in the book that writing therapy is not just for people who enjoy writing, but for anybody who has something to let go from their heart. While writing about our sources of anger, anxiety and other emotional burdens we carry on daily basis, the healing process is on!

Sunny Yun Reid

Amazing book that is written brilliantly and has the potential to free those trapped in their own minds, by using the questions and suggestions Suzanne Strong introduces to you. By following her ideas it is possible to find freedom! Recommended.

Sue Clarke

I cannot recommend this book enough. The lessons and help that I received are invaluable, the techniques used are easy to apply, but the deeply moving experience was unexpected and provided complete release from issues that were buried. This book helped me so much and the potential for it to help people coming out of trauma,or a very stressful situation is enormous. I highly recommend this book.

Allison Lawson

Excellent Book! I highly recommend this!

Sarah Doylel

"I thought I had nothing to free myself from when I was recommended this book. I've realized everyone has damage from ghosts of their past. I thought inner strength came from picking up those ghosts, shoving them in your back pocket and moving forwards. I never thought to ever look at them again or even evict the burden of them. You can be sooo much stronger and happier with a lighter load. So glad I found this book, worth 1000 times the amount, well done and thankyou to the author."

Nelly Wilson