Where the Sun Rises

I thought I would explain the genesis of the idea for this passion of mine, this novel.


In 2015 after watching a lot of documentaries on the women fighting Daesh in Syria - I thought to myself, what if we could see this war through their eyes? I was in awe of their courage and the choices they had to make and how courageous they were in standing up to this enemy. I wanted to write a tale of devotion to your friends and family, but also about the sheer courage of these real women. I had a central plot from the beginning, and two main characters in my mind. 

There is a dearth of books about war written a female perspective, depicting their comradery and personal experience, their heroism and courage. So I wanted to do this in honour of these women I had researched. I must stress that my two main characters are fictional, but the facts around the women's lives are real. 

Over three years, I undertook more than 2000 hours of research. This included watching documentaries, reading articles, information, learning Kurdish language, cultural customs, food, and contacting the female militia groups, Kurdish organisations and individuals who had fought in the war. All of the Kurdish people I contacted were very excited and supportive of Where the Sun Rises. I traveled to the middle east and looked from the Golan Heights into Syria, seeing the devastation for myself. I also wanted to experience the atmosphere, culture, history, tastes, light, sound and sensory elements of this area. 

This is how my book was conceived, germinated and birthed. Where the Sun Rises is about female mateship, strength, devotion, love and the lengths we will go to for our friends. Thanks for reading. Kind regards, Suzanne

Where the Sun Rises - Book Blurb

For most, the war with ISIS plays out on a faceless global stage. For these two best friends, it’s personal…

Kurdish Syria, 2014. Karin longs to fight for her freedom. Except she’s forced to stay home while her brother heads into battle and ISIS advances. But when death and destruction arrive at the city gates, Karin shoulders her rifle and prepares to engage.

Roza aches for the peaceful life of a wife and mother. But when she loses her husband in mortar fire, her grief drives her into the female militia to defend her family. Her rage only grows when she discovers her friend's sister has been captured by ISIS.

Fighting side-by-side with their fellow sisters, Karin and Roza launch a daring and potentially lethal rescue mission. But the horrors they encounter will test their commitment to the cause, and may demand sacrifices no friend should have to bear…

Will the determined guerrillas put their lives on the line and win the battle for their families and homeland?

Where the Sun Rises is a touching story of feminine courage and friendship, based on real events. If you like strong women, compassionate relationships, and untold stories of heroism, then you’ll love Suzanne Strong’s powerful novel.